FAILURE TO COMPLY: First offense penalty for refusing an engine claim/protest/tech will be immediate disqualification for all predator classes in which the competitor is entered, and loss of all points and awards for the season. A competitor who has multiple instances of refusing an engine claim/protest/tech will be subject to additional disciplinary action at the track/series discretion, up to and including permanent exclusion from the Predator classes. 

These rules are designed to keep the engines as stock out of the box as possible. There are no grey areas, if it does not specifically state that something is allowed, it will automatically be considered illegal. All parts must be Predator factory production parts unless otherwise specified. No machining or alteration of parts is allowed unless specifically noted. All parts will be subject to a comparison to a known Predator OEM part.
While every effort has been made to insure these rules are all encompassing, every situation cannot be pre-determined. Therefore, ultimate responsibility for chassis and engine legality is the responsibility of the competitor. Should a situation arise that is not clearly addressed in the rules, it is the responsibility of the competitor to get clearance from the technical inspector prior to the event. Should the technical inspector encounter a situation in post-race technical inspection that is not specifically addressed in these rules, it is his/her responsibility to make a determination of legality based on whether or not the modification represents a definable performance gain. If in the opinion of the technical inspector the intent of the modification was clearly that of circumventing the rules to provide a performance gain, then the technical inspector has the right to disqualify the competitor based solely on this criteria. When confronted with this type situation the technical inspector must carefully weigh their decision using experience, discretion, integrity and impartiality.

FUEL: Track spec gasoline (87 octane ethanol/gasoline mix). 

ENGINE: Predator 212cc engines (model 60363 or 69730 only). Some rules and specifications are specific to each engine model. There will be no exchange or mixing of parts between different model engines, with the exception that all engines models can utilize the .615" venturi carburetor.

CARBURETOR: Any stock Predator/Clone type carburetor with integral fuel shut off valve, allowed (No Honda carbs allowed). No interchange of parts between carburetor models allowed. Carburetor to intake sealer is gasket only no other sealer allowed. Choke must be as supplied from factory, but may be fixed to stay in open position. Choke area must remain as cast. Venturi .615" NO-GO. Venturi maybe machined to spec. No polishing of venturi permitted. Venturi must retain defined edges as stock... no radiusing/rounding /chamfering of edges allowed. ... Rear throttle bore .751" NO-GO. No polishing or alteration of throttle bore allowed. Main and low speed jet size is Non Tech. Stock emulsion tube must be used and unaltered, .066" max ID (.066" NO-GO ... cannot enter from either end of tube). Side holes in emulsion tube .036" NO-GO. 2 or 4 holes in bottom section and 20 holes in top section. Minimum emulsion tube length 1.092". Throttle shaft - .115" minimum (.112” minimum on SP carb only). Butterfly - .037" minimum. No alterations allowed to throttle shaft/butterfly/screw assembly. Air may only enter the engine through the air box. Only one carb and intake gasket allowed. Black Phenolic spacer must be flat across entire gasket mating surface with a minimum thickness on gasket surface of .265”. Center hole in phenolic spacer must retain factory configuration and finish.

AIR BOX/FILTER: K&N filter with adapter allowed.

CYLINDER HEAD: Must be OEM Predator type casting only. Intake and exhaust ports must remain as factory produced, porting or de-burring not permitted. Transition edge from port runner to bowl area must retain defined factory edge. Head gasket surface may be machined ... no angle cutting of gasket surface allowed. The use of Aftermarket FLANGED bolts of similar OEM design (head size, diameter, length and thread length/pitch) allowed as replacement for stock head bolts. No studs allowed ... No additional washers allowed. Head gasket(s) must be stock configuration, gasket thickness is a non tech item. No copper or aluminum gaskets allowed. Sealer may be used to assist gasket seal.
VALVES: Stock steel/stainless nitrate coated valves only ... 45 degree angle only. No grinding, refacing, or resizing of valves allowed, no polishing of valves allowed.
(Model 69730 - Old Style Engines)... Intake valve diameter - 0.979” minimum … Exhaust valve diameter - 0.938” minimum
(Model 60363 - New Style Engines)....Intake valve diameter – 1.058" Minimum … Exhaust valve diameter - 0.979" minimum.

VALVE TRAIN: Must use stock push rods, rocker arms and retainers. No alteration allowed on any valve train component. Valve oil seals allowed on either/both valves. Lash caps allowed on either/both valves. Shims may be used to achieve proper spring installed height. Valve face may not be below the combustion chamber floor. (No sinking the valves.)
(Model 60363 - New Style Engines) ... Minor grinding on valve end of rocker arms allowed for spring retainer clearance only.

VALVE SPRINGS: Any single valve spring allowed. Maximum wire diameter .071”.

CAMSHAFT: Stock camshaft cores only, ez-spin assembly must remain as stock. Cam lobe base circle diameter .860" minimum. Duration check for Intake and Exhaust lobes (taken off pushrod). Intake duration of 219 degrees at .050 lift ... 86 degrees at .200 lift*. Exhaust duration of 222 degrees at .050" lift ... 97 degrees at .200" lift*. no minimum on duration per NKA rule. Max valve lift .245" on both intake and exhaust lobes. Lift taken on valve spring retainer as raced.

BLOCK/SIDE COVER: Block/side cover/cylinder assembly must remain stock as factory produced including all internal parts. Up to two side cover gaskets allowed, sealer may be used in conjunction with gasket to assist seal. The use of Aftermarket FLANGED bolts of similar OEM design (head size, diameter, length and thread length/pitch) allowed as replacement for side cover bolts ... no studs allowed ... lock or star washers allowed. Head gasket surface may be machined but no piston pop out allowed, no other alterations to any cylinder assembly parts allowed. Bearing pockets in block/side cover must retain press fit of bearings. Low oil sensor may be disabled or removed. All governor components may be removed or disabled. Oil return hole diameter .251" no-go. Lifter bore .320" maximum diameter.

PISTON: Stock OEM Predator Piston, with no alterations allowed. No honing of wrist pin bore allowed. Piston skirt must retain stock defined edges.... No de-burring/chamfering/radiusing allowed. Arrow on top of piston must point toward lifter gallery.

RINGS: Stock OEM predator rings only, with no alterations. End gap on top 2 rings … .040" maximum when checked in cylinder ... .220" minimum when checked out of cylinder. Top 2 rings must be self-supporting when placed in cylinder with end gap pointing up. Oil ring assembly must be self-supporting in cylinder bore when checked installed on piston with connecting rod assembly (rod/cap/bolts) attached. Oil expansion ring must remain unaltered ... no filing/clipping/cutting allowed. Piston rings must be in one piece (unbroken) when presented for tech.

ROD: Stock OEM Predator rod, with no alterations allowed. No honing of wrist pin or crank bore journals allowed. Bearing journals must remain flat with stock defined edges ... no breaking/chamfering/radiusing of edges allowed.

CRANKSHAFT: Stock OEM Predator crankshaft, stroke must be 2.163 +/- .010. No machining, polishing, addition of material or other alteration of crankshaft allowed. 

BEARINGS: Stock OEM type construction with steel balls and steel retainer cage. No ceramic bearings allowed. Bearings must retain press fit in block/side cover.
FLYWHEEL: Billet Aluminum flywheels are mandatory as of 1 may 2016. For the #69730 the only approved flywheel is the ARC #6625. For the Hemi #60363 the only approved flywheel is the ARC #6626. These are the only flywheels approved for use at this time. No alterations to flywheel allowed. Timing is non tech.

RECOIL/STARTER: Stock OEM recoil and starter cup with no alterations. Recoil may be rotated for better angle to facilitate starting engine.

VALVE COVER: Stock OEM valve cover. No alteration allowed to internal baffle assembly. Valve cover may be drilled for pulse fitting, but fitting may not protrude into or through baffle plate, or interfere with proper operation of the baffle assembly. Stock configuration gasket and/or sealer allowed. (Model 60363 - New Style Engines) Valve cover external vent hole may be enlarged to maximum .250" diameter.

EXHAUST:  open pipe with silencer.  must pass NKA rule. Any stock configuration exhaust gasket allowed, Sealer and/or gasket may be used.

FUEL TANK/FUEL PUMP.... top plate and fuel pump.  pump may only be pulsed through the valve cover. 

APPEARANCE: Engine must outwardly appear as it did when it came out of the box this includes color. No aftermarket advertising or engine builder stickers, markings or other identifiers allowed on any engine component (blower housing, tank, chain guard, top plate, etc.). All engine components must retain any original stampings/numbering ... no additional stampings/numbering/engravings allowed. No tape allowed on motor ... no taping of recoil or blower housing allowed.

CLUTCH:   drum clutch.   any gear

ENGINE TECH: All engines are subject to tech at any time regardless of finishing position. All engines are subject to impound at any time. All engines will be teched as raced, based on the engine as presented at scales for post-race weight check.

ENGINE PROTEST: Protest fee $200 . Tech fee $50.00 out of $200. Any participant may protest the engine of the kart(s) finishing in front of them, but no "jumping" of positions allowed. Protest must be filed by the driver of the kart before his kart leaves the scale. Once a verbal protest has been filed, the protest cannot be withdrawn without forfeiture of any submitted fees and immediate disqualification for all predator classes in which the competitor is entered.  Protested engines may be marked or impounded, at the tracks discretion, until the completion of the event.

WEIGH:   350

TIRES:  Any Maxxis Tire 

We will be going by NKA rules.


These Predator rules are for the 2016 racing season. Any questions call Mike Cofield @ (205) 689-7894


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