This is intended to be a low cost class; it is not intended as a starter or amateur class. Any participant willing to follow and comply with the rules is welcome. This class is about fun and bragging rights not money with low entry fees. Lets put some fun back into racing.

These rules are designed to keep the engines as stock out of the box as possible. There are no grey areas, if it does not specifically state that something is allowed, it will automatically be considered illegal.

Chassis: All chassis are welcome and only need to pass basic safety standards of the host track. If it’s not allowed in regular classes it will not be allowed in Predator.

Clutch: Clutch is open with #35 chains only no skip gears or skip sprockets. Clutch must be 16 tooth. 

Tires: Tires will be any Maxxis Tire, no recaps.

Engine: Predator 212cc engines only

Fuel: Track spec gasoline.

Engine Rules:
1. Must run stock plastic air box and foam filter. No alterations of any kind allowed to air box, this includes deburring, bead blasting, etc... If you get one of the new engines that has the tank vent tube. You may unhook it and fix the cap to vent. However if you unhook it you must plug the hose that runs to the air box.

2. Carb must outwardly appear stock. Choke must remain as factory produced, Venturi bore is .575” maximum no pass through. Remainder of carb is non tech except no added material of any kind. Air may only enter the engine through the air box. Only one carb and intake gasket allowed, plastic insulator must outwardly appear stock but may not allow air to enter the engine.

3. Exhaust can be either the stock factory muffler with no alterations allowed. Or AKRA legal .750 header and mini-91 muffler. If using a header it must pass all AKRA rules. Any stock configuration exhaust gasket allowed, sealer may be used to assist gasket seal.

4. Valve Train: Must use stock push rods, rocker arms, retainers and valves. Valve oil seals allowed on either valve. Exhaust spring installed height min.815” to be checked with no-go gauge. No installed height check on intake side. Shims may be used to achieve proper spring installed height.

5. Valve Springs: Any single valve spring allowed. Maximum wire diameter of .071” with a Maximum pressure of 10.8 lbs at .850”.

6. Camshaft must appear stock, lobe base circle may not be less .860“. Max Intake lift at the valve .238” Taken on valve spring retainer with zero lash. Max Exhaust Lift at the valve .242” Taken on valve spring retainer with zero lash. (To achieve zero valve lash for checking running lift, preload dial indicator by .001”.) (Currently only the factory or BSP and CL-I cams will meet this spec.)

7. Cylinder assembly must remain stock as factory produced including all internal parts. Only one side cover gasket allowed. Head gasket surface may be machined but no piston pop out allowed, no other alterations to any cylinder assembly parts allowed. Low oil sensor may be disabled but must be present. Any PLASTIC governor components may be removed or disabled. No alterations to flywheel or fan allowed, this is a safety issue. Timing is non tech
8. Cylinder Head Requirements: Must be OEM casting only. Intake and exhaust ports must remain as factory produced, porting and /or de-burring not permitted. Stock head bolts only, must have four. Head gasket must appear stock, gasket thickness is a non tech item sealer allowed. No copper or aluminum gaskets allowed. Any stock configuration exhaust gasket allowed, sealer may be used to assist gasket seal. Head gasket surface may be machined.

9. Factory fuel tank must be mounted on floor board, no tanks on top of engines..

10. Engine must outwardly look like it did when it came out of the box this includes color. No aftermarket advertising or engine builder stickers, markings or other identifiers allowed on any engine component (blower housing, tank, chain guard, top plate, etc.) ... " Any attempt to bypass this rule will result in immediate disqualification.

Engine Protest: Any participant may protest the engine of the kart finishing directly in front of them. Protest fee is $50 with the Tech man to be paid $20 and the winner of the protest to receive $30.

Engine claim: Engine can be claimed for $150 as raced minus chain guard and Header. There are no limitations on who can claim as long as they are entered in the class.

This is how the claim should work in the predator class rules. To claim an engine will cost you $150. The tech man will get $20 of that money to make sure you are getting a legal engine. If you are claimed you will only get $130 for your engine. $20 of the claim money will be paid to the tech man. If the engine is not legal the claimer will have the choice to take the engine or not. However the tech still gets paid, so if you elect to not take an illegal engine you will only get back $130 of your original money. All claimed engines should be teched before you get them as it can affect the race finishing order and points races. So expect any engine you claim to be slightly disassembled.

Penalty for refusing claim will be immediate disqualification and loss of all points and awards earned until the disqualification.  The intent of this claim rule is to keep the class low cost. We encourage racers to use the claim and use it often.


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