2013 Street Stock Rules

The rules and or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events, to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The word "track" shall mean Talladega Short Track.

Official TST 2013 Rules
Street Stock

Limited to American made cars only.

3,100 lbs. with driver after heats & features

Car must have a stock steel OEM body.
OEM Firewall, maybe replaced with fabricated steel, must be from fender to fender in stock location.
Floor pan required.  Maybe replaced with fabricated steel.
Trunk maybe cut out.
After market plastic noise & tail pieces allowed.
Cutting allowed for tire clearance.
Spoilers max height 6"
No glass or Lexan in windows, all windows must be open.
May run plastic side skirts.

Must be stock OEM frame, from front bumper to behind the rear tires.
Minimum of 108" wheelbase.
Engines must be in stock location.  Fuel Pump must be in front of cross member.  
Roll cage must be welded to frame and use min. 1 ½" tubing @.083 thickness.

Front Suspension & Steering:
Jack bolts ok.
Tubular upper control arms or OEM.
OEM lower control arm for frame, spindles, steering box, Tie rods and center link.
5" min. OD on coil springs.
Racing shocks permitted, one shock per wheel steel shocks only, no adjustable stock.
May run after market power steering pump.

Rear Suspension:
Jack bolts ok.
Leaf spring may run adjustable lowering block, but no slider.
Coil spring must be mounted on top of rear end.
Stock lower trailing arms on rear end must mount in stock location.
Stock Upper trailing arms must mount in stock location.
NO coil eliminators or Coil overs.
No 5th coil no 90/10 no lift bar no pull bar
5" min. outside diameter on coil springs.
Racing shocks ok one shock per wheel steel shocks, no adjustable shocks.
May run 9" ford rear end or floater housing

Fuel Cell / Fuel:
An approved fuel cell is highly recommended.
Block mounted fuel pumps only no electric pumps.

Wheel & Tires:
15” x 8" steel wheels only, no aluminum wheels & bead locks are allowed.
1" lug nuts required.
Street legal D.O.T. 60 series radial permitted, or Hoosier IMCA G60.
Tires must have all numbers and name on tires.
10" Wheels OK, Add 25 lbs.

Must have brakes on all four wheels.
Dual master cylinders are Okay.
Disk brakes ok front & rear. No aluminum calipers stock OEM only.

OEM 3 or 4 speed transmission only.
Must have all gears working.
Automatic transmission must have a minimum of a 10" OEM type torque converter in working order.
Driveshaft painted white. Driveshaft loop 6" to 12" behind transmission.
Steel flywheel & pressure plate only, 10½” min. diameter.
Any Clutch.
Bert or Brinn OKAY add 50 lbs of weight.

OEM Small Block V-8 only.
Any intake but no porting or polishing.
Max bore size Chevrolet 4.060, ford 4.060, Chrysler 4.060.
Flat tappet or hydraulic cam only. No Roller or Mushroom.
Four (4) eyebrow flat top or dish top pistons only.
OEM Rods or stock replacements only. Stock length OEM rods Chevy must be 5.7 or Ford 5.956
OEM cast crank or stock replacement with stock stroke for engine only.
No lightening or knife-edging crank or drilling of crank pins.
Heads to be stock OEM production Dart SS or World SR okay. No Bowtie, Vortex Bowtie, Motown or Iron Eagle.  No Porting and Polishing.
GM 602 Crate Motor any four barrel carburetor NeSmith engine rules apply. 602 Crate Motor Weight 3,000 lbs.

Stock OEM allowed.
One single line Holley 600 CFM vacuum secondary only.
500 CFM Holley allowed.
Carter or Edelbrock allowed.
Gas Only.
Track officials has the right to add weight to correct rule infractions.



A. Pull one head check bore, stroke and head - $300.00.
B. Pull oil pan, check crank and rod - $375.00.
C. Track tech receives $100.00 of protest fee for inspecting engine.
D. Track official may inspect any car or driver’s condition at any time.
E. Official may give tolerances on some rules.
F. Track officials decision is final. 

A. Firesuits required; gloves and shoes recommended.
B. 5 point safety belts required.
C. Helmet and face protection required.
D. Working fire extinguisher required.
E. Kill switch must be clearly marked and in easy reach of driver.
F. All holes in firewall and floor pan in drivers area must be sealed.
G. Drivers head must be below top of roll bar.

H. Must have minimum of three windshield bars in front of driver’s cockpit. 


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